65ft Yacht Rental Dubai

Come aboard on the 65ft Yacht Rental Dubai and experience the luxurious Gulf adventure that you’ve always dreamed of! After Hours Charter provides a private, spacious environment on the beautiful waters of Key West for up to six individuals. We include snorkel gear as well as complimentary food and beverages.

The 65ft Yacht Rental Dubai is the flagship of elegant Yacht Fleet and leads the design criteria of comfort, safety, reliability and performance. 65ft Yacht Rental Dubai has been developed as the ideal cruising yacht for those that love sailing and want to go places but would like to do it without the need for crew. At 65 feet in length and with numerous features to make handling her in all situations and conditions, as easy as a much smaller yacht. She can be cruised in comfort by a short-handed crew or just a couple. The hydraulic power pack option provides instant power for all winches and sail controls including foresail fullers.

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Engine Model
110 ft
Gross Weight
278,000 lb
Hull Material
5.92 ft
Fuel Capacity
6150 Gallons
Fuel Type
Max Speed
  • +Air Condition
  • +Bedroom
  • +Catering services
  • +Crew Cabin
  • +Guest Cabin
  • +Private Bathroom
  • +Room service
  • +Seating area
  • -Sound System
  • +State Room
  • +VIP Cabin