64ft Yacht Rental Dubai

64 Yacht Rental Dubai features elegance and design, The harmoniously slender profile is emphasized by the roll-bar design, creating a large open area to the rear of the cockpit, accentuating its gritty spirit.You can enjoy the panoramic views of the magnificent Dubai and take in the fresh air and ocean breeze as you throw out your line. We hope you will have your fisherman’s luck with you but even if you don’t catch any fish, you will not go back empty handed as you will be guaranteed some wonderful memories.

The 64 Yacht Rental Dubai multiple and vast outdoor areas offer a huge variety of sun loungers, sun pads, a generous pool equipped with counter-current jets, and an al-fresco bar, perfectly situated next to the pool. A great, air-conditioned gym, offering amazing views from the sundeck, is just another of many fantastic amenities to be found onboard.

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Engine Model
110 ft
Gross Weight
278,000 lb
Hull Material
5.92 ft
Fuel Capacity
6150 Gallons
Fuel Type
Max Speed
  • +Air Condition
  • +Bedroom
  • +Catering services
  • +Crew Cabin
  • +Guest Cabin
  • +Private Bathroom
  • +Room service
  • +Seating area
  • -Sound System
  • +State Room
  • +VIP Cabin